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Clear Shatterproof Safety Window Film

Clear Shatterproof Safety Window Film

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Shatterproof Safety & Security Clear Window Film - Anti Shatter - Protection 

Our shatterproof window safety film is used to stop glass shattering on impact, especially from projectiles such as stones and balls.

The film also aids security, offering a high level of protection against theft and burglary by making the glass shatterproof and difficult to gain access through, even when using a hammer, brick and crowbar for example.

Once the safety film (also known as glass fragmentation film) is applied it will hold the glass together under impact preventing the glass from shattering and causing injury. This is especially useful on large glass table tops and sliding glass doors.

The film is completely see through (Clear film option) and offers invisible protection to your family and work colleagues. It has a scratch resistant coating and comes with a ten years warranty.

Our smoked film offers the same protection as our clear but with the added benefit of reduced light intrusion.

Once applied it brings the glass up to the same safety standard as shatterproof glass which is in line with the Health and Safety in the Workplace 1992 Regulation 14 Act and at a fraction of the cost, negating the need for expensive new shatterproof glass.

Key Points:

  • Anti Shatter- Stops glass from shattering into flying shards.

  • Protects Occupants- Flying glass is the main cause of injury.

  • Invisible Protection – Once applied the film is completely clear to the eye (Clear film option).

  • Up to Standard – Brings the glass up to the same safety standard as shatterproof glass.


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