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One Way Reflective Mirror/Mirrored Window Film

  • £4.99

One Way Mirror/Mirrored Tint

This mirror tint provides excellent daytime privacy. Once applied to glass it will give a mirror finish from the outside whilst allowing clear vision* from inside in the colour tint of your choice, silver, blue, gold or green. It offers 99% UV protection and will also reduce solar heat by 81%, it will also offer some protection from shattering glass.

Mirror tint will reduce heat and glare if installed on a glass conservatory roof or windows.

It’s self adhesive backing allows easy fitting with the aid of a little soapy water. It is easy to cut and trim using a craft knife.

Please note that in order to offer total privacy, there needs to be more light on the outside than the inside, E.g. daytime.

* By clear vision it is implied that you are able to get a full view of the outdoors, please do not expect the same clarity as a window that is un-tinted.

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