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Uni Wrap 3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl 'Jewellery Blue'

Uni Wrap 3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl 'Jewellery Blue'

  • £6.59

This is a branded, quality high-end carbon fibre vinyl that is made to last.At 180 microns it is thicker than most vinyls that you would be able to find, where many are vehicle cast vinyls manufactured for sign writing and are between 50 and 120 microns.

High grade, specialised vinyls are ideal for your car's bonnet/hood, boot/trunk, doors, roof, mirrors, dashboard, interior, or even your door handles. Gives a stunning, realistic, and textured carbon fibre effect. Also great for covering a range of other surfaces, such as glass, mobile phones, laptops, iPods, Motorcycle parts, metal parts, doors, household appliances, or just about any other non-porous surface.

These vinyl’s are purposed made , surprisingly flexible and easy to work with without the use of soapy water. Bubble free, it can be installed on many surfaces, regardless of the curvature making it easier to attain that professionally fitted appearance. Uni Wrap's 3D vinyl’s has a three dimensional texture to it. This allows light to reflect in the same way real carbon fibre would making it the best real-world alternative to carbon fibre when you just want the look with only paying a fraction of the price.

Uni Wrap Vinyl’s are amongst the best products of their kind available. They are flexible and easy to work with. Bubble free technology makes it easy to install to a high standard without professional experience.

Uni Wrap Vinyl is UV protected, this allows it to maintain it's original matte finish for years to come without developing the chalky look that is so commonly seen of cheap vinyl wraps.

Uni Wrap is surprisingly easy to work with. Once you add heat with a heat gun or hair dryer, the material becomes soft and pliable, making it extremely easy to install!

Step by Step instructions with each order.

• UV Protected "No Chalky Apperance - EVER!!!"
• Self adhesive back with bubble free technology
• Dry lay flat easy installation
• Can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched
• Stretchable with heat (Hair dryer or heat-gun)
• Conforms easily to contours and bends
• High temperature & water resistant
• Install Temp: 60F to 80F (16C to 26C)
• End Use Temp: 5F to 201F (-20C to 91C)
• Easily cleaned with soapy water


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