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Uni Wrap Candy Metallic Gloss Vinyl 'Orange'

Uni Wrap Candy Metallic Gloss Vinyl 'Orange'

  • £7.87

 Not only does this unique vinyl look cool and stylish but Candy vinyl is a certifird automotive wrap it can be applied to your car; bonnet, dash, boot, your laptop, phone, bedroom cupboard and just about any non-porous surface.

The film is UV protected for outdoors use and can easily be cleaned with most cleaning agents. The material is soft and pliable allowing it to easily conform to contours and corners with the use of a heat gun. it can be re-lifted, re-positioned and streched, creases and folds can be easily removed with a little heat.

Uni Wrap Vinyl’s are amongst the best products of their kind available. They are flexible and easy to work with. Bubble free technology makes it easy to install to a high standard without professional experience.

Uni Wrap Vinyl is UV protected, this allows it to maintain it's original matte finish for years to come without developing the chalky look that is so commonly seen of cheap vinyl wraps.

Uni Wrap is surprisingly easy to work with. Once you add heat with a heat gun or hair dryer, the material becomes soft and pliable, making it extremely easy to install!

Step by Step instructions with each order.

• UV Protected "No Chalky Apperance - EVER!!!"
• Self adhesive back with bubble free technology
• Dry lay flat easy installation
• Can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched
• Stretchable with heat (Hair dryer or heat-gun)
• Conforms easily to contours and bends
• High temperature & water resistant
• Install Temp: 60F to 80F (16C to 26C)
• End Use Temp: 5F to 201F (-20C to 91C)
• Easily cleaned with soapy water


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