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-Who We Are-

-Working Together Since 2012-

Union Mart Limited. A company like no other, Operating in the south of the UK, we are the sole suppliers of WILKS-USA and RHINO products. We are known for our high quality products and excellent customer service. Established back in 2012 now running for over 5 years. We are one of the largest online suppliers of pressure washers and rhino winches, not to mention one of the largest vinyl distributors in the world.


Union Mart Limited Is Established - Year 2012

Union Mart was created by a single person whos name is found throughout our store and online listings. Established in 2012 and operating out of a single car garage in the south. Union Mart opens its doors for the first time.

A Dream Into Reality - Year 2012

From two rolls of high quality vinyl to now a warehouse full, Union Mart’s first initial product line was vinyl and now spanning across several different categories.

Milestone After Milestone Year 2013

With over 10,000 products sold within it’s first two years Union Mart becomes one of the biggest online retailers and suppliers of high quality car wrapping vinyl and window tints. The first milestone was set and another was about to be broken..

More Space More Products Year 2014

As the business grew so did the product line, people wanted more and demanded more, the business was growing at an exponential rate far more than everyone had expected. Thus Union Mart signs the legal rights and becomes the sole suppliers of WILKS-USA pressure washers and RHINO 4×4 winches. With the new products being ‘winched’ in, a new premises was on the horizon.

Union Mart Warehouse Year 2015

Union Mart Limited moves into it’s first warehouse situated in the sunny country side of the south and with the summer season in full swing, the product line flew off the shelf.

Fast Forward Present Year 2017

It seemed so long ago that Union Mart first opened it’s door back in 2012 under a single car garage roof and now operating out of a 7500 square foot warehouse everything back then seemed…well out of reach. Now with over 50,000 satisfied customers we are now one of the biggest online retailers in pressure washers and car winches to date. Shop with confidence, Shop Union Mart.

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